Fever pitch

To say that my family takes sports-primarily our Yankees and Jets-seriously, is an understatement. We have our own little superstitions for each. Things to wear, things to do, things to have in the room when we’re watching said games. But I was just amused today, as our centerpiece for Rosh Hashanah dinner was a little pumpkin painted blue and white with the Yankees logo, and wearing a Yankees cap…and my parents, my brother and I all wore Yankee shirts to dinner. Of course, my aunt, uncle and cousins are Mets fans…so I’m sure that had something to do with it πŸ˜‰ (You’re talking to the girl who wore a Yankee cap to the Run to Home Plate 5K to “make a point”…lol! The things I do for a club points race!!) Anyway, very happy to see that the BoSox got demolished, and as I write this, the Yanks are up 4-1 in the 8th. Yeah!!


5 thoughts on “Fever pitch

  1. Do not count the Red Sox out. They gonna cap some punk ass before the night is done.Cool blog btw … found it from your comment on Chelle’s.

  2. nope-haven’t counted them out just yet. i think the ’04 postseason taught us all a lesson. not to get too cocky. though i would love to not hear “who’s your daddy” this postseason…that’s *so* ’04 :-Dthanks for stopping by, and for the props on my blog!! πŸ™‚

  3. Thanks for the photo from Sunday, though I think I was less than the happy camper at that point in the race. I was happy with how I did, but it was by no means easy.I love your blog…I’m definitely adding you to me regular reads!

  4. You do realize the title implies your secret routing for the Sox;) Go Sox;)

  5. chelle-thanks! i like your blog too-always nice to see another take on the local racing and living scene :)uptown girl-nah, i don’t think so. no secret rooting here!! just took the title from the movie-one that i actually wanted to see (regardless of what team was being featured) but never got to!!actually-I want chicago to beat the red sox in 3 or 4 for other motives-for the sake of my teammates and friends running chicago on sunday!! apparently if a game 5 is forced and it’s a day game they might re-route the last 2 miles of the marathon?? there hasn’t been a good track record as of late with last-minute course changes…

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