Taking one for the team

As tough as it is to play spectator/cheerleader instead of runner, looks like today it paid off the for the team-the Flyer women kicked such a$$ today at Grete’s Great Gallop-the open women coming in third!! Apparently no one remembers the last time any of the open teams-men or women-placed in a club points race (deeper field than most other races) so this one was a great day for the team. Still sidelined (well at least from running 13.1 miles,) I took pictures-well as best i can…i took 115, and only 77 were usable…hey, that’s what happens when people run too fast :-p

Anyway, as usual, I run into dating blasts from the past at the race. First being the Flyer I dated last year not too long after I joined…he passes by at 72nd and shouts to me “LK in the house!” I guess *someone* was trying to reminisce about how I talked “ghetto” (e.g., “peeps,” “homies”) We chatted briefly for a coupla minutes after the race and I was reminded again of why I ended things. (nice guy, but too much me, me, me…) Then while walking towards the west side, I see “rock and roll loser”…grrr. Background on this one-he was a guy that worked for my sister company…that we were hooking up and I (stupidly) thought we had dating potential. That is, before I found out he was sleeping with other women-in the company, no less!! I couldn’t even look at him after I found that out. Anyway, unfortunately he has turned up at the races (though he has since left the company)…it sucks, running is supposed to be my escape from this bullshit and it just seems to follow me around-especially when his girlfriend is with him at races-who was one of the girls he was playing against me. (for reference sake- “rock and roll loser” was a nickname given to him by one of my teammates because he always does that rock and roll hand gesture in the Brightroom pictures.)

It just frustrates me to no end. Why do people like him find true love and I still can’t? What do people like him have that I don’t? Do “good girls” always finish last? It’s definitely seemed that way so far…

On a better note, I did do 4.8 miles yesterday…still rez and roads combo. And as usual, the foot didn’t hurt when running…only when walking. go figure. wish I could figure this out.

this week looks to be a hectic one…between rosh hashanah and a coupla flyer things. l’shanah tovah to any jewish peeps reading this šŸ™‚

now playing: “days go by” ~ dirty vegas


5 thoughts on “Taking one for the team

  1. wish i could offer you a helpful tip in the love compartment. too bad mine’s in utter disarray. but no, keep being nice. you must stay nice, you will find nice guy who doesn’t do lame-o things like that lame-o gesture into the camera like he’s a stud. i am reminded of the incident where one of the bush twins (forget which one) gave that sign that’s supposed to mean peace or love but she really gave a hang 10 gesture.

  2. thankies for the encouragement :)i swear, no matter how good i may be feeling beforehand, whenever I see that guy…grrr, it gets to me!! I think not just because he has someone, but also he can run and race and I can’t right now.All work and no/limited running makes this fly girl a cranky girl :-p

  3. Your girls kicked CPTC a$$! Great job, and I hope it’s a sign of things to come.

  4. ahhhh, yes. love life in disarray? oh how i can relate.just found your blog thru partyrunner. am enjoying it!

  5. Mr./Mz. Anonymous-THANKS!! are you a flyer or an FOF (fan of flyer…lol) But yeah, considering how strong our women have been in the non-points races, this was just great to see finally happen. It’s funny, one of our gals who scored was asking a bunch of us after the race if we had gotten top 3 and all of said “probably not.” I guess we can all eat our words now…a.maria-thanks for stopping by!! best of luck to you on your marathon!

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