Close race

While most in the NYC running community will be focused on Grete’s Great Gallop this weekend…I have another race that has captured my attention…the race in the AL East: here the numbers have it…

Team W/L GB
Yanks 94/65
Red Sox 93/66 1

With this weekend’s series of the Yanks at Fenway closing out regulation. All the Yanks have to do is win 2 against Boston…or if they can only squeak out 1 win, hope that Cleveland loses as well…but man, I really wish it did not have to come down to this…for the Yanks to even have to be worrying about a playoff berth this late in the season. I guess I’ve been spoiled the last 9 years…with a harsh dose of reality in last year’s ALCS. (yeah, that has me worried too…that history of choking against the Red Sox.) Well I’ll be paying close attention to this playoff race this weekend. Fingers crossed…

Well, at least at Red Sky last nite we did get to watch the Yanks beat Baltimore. One of the few things I do remember clearly last nite. Oh boy…when you give open bar to a company who knows how to use/abuse it…yeah. I was pounding apple martini after apple martini. And as usual, EB was acting like quite the instigator to try and get me to smooch AL’s friend. Which I did…meh. Nice guy, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t think much dating potential. (not my type for several reasons) I dunno, I guess part of me also thinks that I am just getting too old for this…for meeting guys randomly at bars and kinda miss being in a serious relationship with a guy. It’s just been way too long.

And I was just feeling great this morning…overslept (but still made it to work on time) and downed my iced caramel macchiatto like it was water or something. And my company celebrated Oktoberfest this afternoon-complete with home-brewed beer and customized beer mugs for everyone. As our CEO said “We work hard and play hard.” So yeah, nothing better to cure a hangover than more alcohol šŸ™‚ I think my birthday drinkage is officially over…and that I will abstain from drinking this weekend. I need a break!!

now playing: “love profusion” ~ madonna


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