To nano or not to nano?

Well Apple has done it. They’ve come out with a pretty cool flash MP3 player, the iPod nano. (I don’t count the shuffle…I really wasn’t too crazy about the concept of that one.) Anyway, I love my Rio Cali-512 MB of memory plus an FM tuner but sometimes it’s a pain when trying to make playlists…all the songs I want have to be in the internal memory instead of the memory card. And 4 GB worth of songs sounds pretty cool. Even though I swore I wouldn’t join the “white headphones brigade,” I’m sure I’ll pick one up eventually…maybe before marathon training next year. And I’m sure there will be better/cheaper models by that time. If only Apple would come out with an iPod that has flash memory and the FM tuner it would be perfect…

Anyway, looking back, margaritas at Cilantro’s on Tuesday was a great time. I only had 2, but they were quite big, so that was enough for me 🙂 And man, so many September b-days…one of the guys who was there shares his b-day with me, another one has his on Friday. I have my theory as for why that is…why so many late September birthdays… 😉

Last nite, went to see the doc to check out the foot…although I felt it was getting better, there is still one stubborn spot that isn’t going away and he still wants me to limit running to twice a week 😦 Wouldn’t be so bad but I am just SICK AND TIRED of cross-training. Especially when it doesn’t always fit in with my schedule…I mean, I can sneak in a run whenever, but when I am at the mercy of a spinning class schedule or the gym’s operating hours…blah. The good news is that I can increase mileage a little bit…to 5 miles per run and that I can do 4 miles of the LTR next weekend. I’m hoping my “comeback race” of sorts will be the Marathon Kickoff 5-miler on 10/30-even if I don’t “race” it, just to kinda get back into the swing of things…sick of being on the sidelines. This Sunday is Grete’s Great Gallop half-marathon and instead of running, I’ll just be cheering and taking pictures and wishing I was running. It’s tough to take one for the team, but I guess it’s my responsibility with being co-captain…I’m encouraging these girls to run the points races, I feel I should make it a point to be there…whether running or not. Well, I guess I can also look at it as an excuse to break out the running skirt again 🙂

Yay…drinks at Red Sky tonite with the work crew. Looking forward to those apple martinis 🙂 I’m sure I will be quite hungover tomorrow morning-and that will perfectly coincide with us celebrating Oktoberfest at the office. Yep, you heard that right. In honour of our new parent company being German, our CEO decided we’d have beer and pretzels tomorrow :-p Gotta love our company culture sometimes.

now playing: “cool” ~ gwen stefani


2 thoughts on “To nano or not to nano?

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog:) Running in NYC…none better! Hope you’re back on your feet soon and competing back at the races (no Grete’s for me this weekend…a lovely 20 miler instead!).Anyway, in regards to your pressing question regarding the nano: I would wait a bit. I’ve been hearing about issues involving cracked screens and such. I’d wait and see if they ressolve this especially if being used for running!

  2. Hiya-thanks for stopping by my loverly little corner of the running blog world!! :)Good luck on your 20 this weekend…from what I saw on your blog this will probably be your last before taper, right?w/r to the nano-I agree with waiting, as I know there are always bugs when a new product gets released. my thing was do i really become a part of the “white headphones brigade” when I’ve always said I wouldn’t :-p

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