Twenty-nine years in the making…part two

OK….here is where I give my running background. Might as well, considering this blog is supposed to be about running…

  • High school-lazy bum, dreaded the weekly run in gym class and the annual mile run.
  • College til mid-2003-my idea of running was the treadmill at the gym.
  • June 2003-did the Corporate Challenge with my company and decided I actually liked running outside. did some more of it in the summer.
  • September 2003-moved to the Upper West Side-apartment within stumbling distance of Central Park
  • November 2003-saw the marathon hoopla in and around the park and decided I was gonna run it someday
  • January 2004-joined the NYRR in an attempt to get my 9 races in for guaranteed entry for ’05. Scared off a little by the brutal NYC winter.
  • April 2004-did my first NYRR race, the Niketown Run For the Parks 4-miler, in 35:56. Was thrilled to break a 9-minute pace.
  • May 2004-broke an 8-minute pace in the 2.5 mile Downtown Dash. Joined the New York Flyers at the end of May.
  • June 2004-In my first race as a Flyer, the NY Mini 10K-not only broke 50 minutes, but blew that away in 48:59. One week later, ran an even faster 5-miler (still my PR) and got my first team medal-sweet!!
  • August 2004-ran my first half-marathon, the Manhattan Half, in 1:52:55. and all i wanted to do in the heat, hills and humidity was break 2 hours!!
  • September-December 2004-great season, training runs were a breeze, won 2 team medals and 2 age-group awards (the AG awards in smaller NJ races), set PR’s at 5K (twice!), 4 miles and 10K.
  • January 2005-smashed my half-marathon PR in Vegas
  • February 2005-getting slower…in races and training…something isn’t right. does recovery from a hard half take that long? you’re out of shape, train harder, girl!!
  • March 2005-so much for Brooklyn being an easy half. That didn’t feel good.
  • April 2005-bombed both races that month…will spring ever come??
  • May 2005-ok, did well in Queens. I think with spring on the way, a comeback may be in order…
  • June 2005-why did I like summer so much again?? especially when it went from winter to summer overnight? and yay…looks like I got PF (plantar fasciitis) in my left foot. But I can’t take time off, I have a marathon to train for…
  • July 2005-ok, this isn’t getting better. and I never thought I’d see the day when I’d run a 9-minute mile in a 5K.
  • August 2005-OK, I’m biting the bullet and taking time off.

Which brings me to now…sidelined for a month trying to get over PF and a bit of overtraining-which pretty much explained the slump I was in during February-April (though I really thought it was something else-hating winter, recovery from Vegas, even boy troubles!) So I started to run again the beginning of this month-but looks like realistically, the NYC marathon is out and I will be making my marathon debut as a sub-masters in ’06.
And for reference, the PR list…current as of 9/20/09:

Distance Time Race/Date
1M 6:33 Fifth Avenue Mile-8/14/04
2.5M 19:25 Downtown Dash-5/18/04
3M 22:50 AHA Wall Street Run-5/22/07
5K 22:25 Party With Purpose 5K-7/1/09
3.5M 27:40 Corporate Challenge-6/21/06
4M 29:43 Holiday 4-Miler-12/13/08
8K 37:35 NYRR 8000-3/14/09
5M 36:49 NYRR Club Team Championships-8/8/09
10K 47:06
Joe Kleinerman 10K-12/7/08
10k split of PDR 2009
7M 55:50 Frostbite 7-miler-1/22/05
15K 1:17:39
Colon Cancer 15K-3/12/06
15k split of PDR 2009
10M 1:17:30
Broad Street Run-5/4/08
10 mile split of PDR 2009
Half-marathon (13.1M) 1:37:36 Philadelphia Distance Run-9/20/09
18M 2:38:25 NYC Marathon 18-mile Tuneup-10/8/06
Marathon (26.2M) 3:44:14 New York City Marathon-11/2/08

8 thoughts on “Twenty-nine years in the making…part two

  1. nice running history. have you put your blog on running blog family? don’t know web site, but you can put rbf (spelled out) into google or some other search engine. so you can join rbf! ack, winds in vegas. didnt think there’d be much weather id have to worry about in desert vegas but sounds like i better check it out…

  2. Thanks for the tip-I’ll be sure to check it out :)w/r to Vegas-I think one of the reasons why they changed the course and the date of the race was to eliminate the headwinds from the last 3 years (you figure all the high-rise hotels may block the wind, right? 🙂 ) wish they still had a half-marathon option!!

  3. Hi Honey!I keep forgetting to ask, where are we at with the marathon? is it postponed? What’s your status? I might need some help guiding in the first half – that would at least get you to the starting line . It takes more than one person to guide a blind athlete in NYC, because of all the crowds. Let me know if you are interested! Have a greta day HEIDI

  4. what a dork! have a GREAT day, was what I meant to say. Although, under the circumstances a ‘greta day’ woudln’t be so bad….

  5. wouldn’t “grete” day be more appropriate…being that the Gallop is this weekend. :-)As for the marathon-yeah I think it’s out. I’ll be lucky to get up to 6 miles by the end of October, let alone 26. (meaning probably guiding someone for the half would be out as well…but thanks for asking anyway!)

  6. and I thought I loved running!!

  7. You are fast. Great running.

  8. I think you should start keeping track of your top 2 or 3 times instead of just the PR. A lot of those races are just as good, if not better, even if they’re not as fast. Like, it would be a shame to lose your great 5K yesterday to oblivion just because it wasn’t your #1 time!

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