Twenty-nine years in the making…part one

Yep, the day is here. Happy 29th to me. My last year as an open runner, haha. Was a fun day at work-MC got me a brownie and cupcake from Eleni’s, then of course M and GK and Co. had “high tea” in my honour at 3 pm. 🙂

But the funniest part of the day….oh boy. Now, I knew MS was up to something. For reference sake, he is my co-worker who lives in Florida, and we’re just really good friends (he’s married)-he’s like the male version of me or something like that. So anyway around 4pm, I got a call from the receptionist saying that I had gotten flowers. I then had a feeling that was the “surprise” that MS had for me-like a cute “happy birthday” bouquet. So…I see a vase of a dozen (red) roses, and read the card, sure enough I was right. And then I see the balloon that came with it-a heart-shaped one that said “I Love You!” LOL!! Looks like a mix-up on the part of 1-800-flowers. MS didn’t believe me at first. But then everyone else started ripping in on him and it, and he even wound up calling the flower people and chewing them out. So they said they’d send the correct flowers-white roses with a Happy Birthday balloon and an apology tomorrow. So double the flowers for me…hey, I ain’t complaining at all. 🙂 Too funny. I know this is the kind of thing that it’s tough to write about to really capture the moment…you kinda have to be there to appreciate it.

Tomorrow…celebratory margaritas with the Flyers. yay….can’t wait.

now playing: “you won’t forget about me”~dannii minogue


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