Are You A Vanilia?

Taken from one of those little Absolut postcards that you see in bars:

“Absolut: Are You a Vanilia?”
Cool and engaging, your magnetic personality draws others to you. Your style is clean and crisp-no Hawaiian shirts in your closet. You prefer cozy lounges to flashy discos, and never worry about being the most interesting person in the room (even if you usually are.)

I like that. I’m a vanilla person (mmmm…Absolut Vanilia and Vanilla Coke,) and I thought that fit. Anyway, my deep thoughts for the day aside, time for some recrapping…

Well Saturday I was quite lazy and didn’t even wake up til after noon. Man this week must have been draining. Sometimes I wish I can “bank” weekend sleep as I don’t seem to get nearly enough of it during the week. Didn’t get out to watch the 5th Ave Mile but got to see the coverage of the professional men’s race on TV-with the exciting finish of Mottram pulling ahead of Webb at the very end-winning in 3:49. All I can say is dayum-that’s unreal.

Anyway, I did get to do my 4-mile combo rez/roads run-and for the first time in awhile, the run felt GOOD. Maybe it was the fact that the heat decided to go away for a day. Or the fact that I’m really liking these Asics 2100’s-that I *finally* have the right shoes for me. Or that my injury may finally be turning a corner. I just hope that keeps up!! Did some shopping in the afternoon-and god bless the DKNY Soho Jeans-probably the only jeans I can still wear a size 2 in. And that was just the ticket I needed for my night out…

Quite the barhopping for me Saturday nite!! First off, stopped by a b-day party that one of the 6 am running gals was having for her hubby-was at a bar a coupla blocks from me so I stopped by for a hour to say hi to everyone. Chatted with a guy there for a little bit-he graduated college in 2003, I graduated in 1998-man did I feel old. After that, I met up with MF and one of her friends and we went to a cool tapas bar in the east village-where the sangria was flowing, and it was good 🙂 Hung out there for a bit, then headed over to Sweet & Vicious-man, it was packed there. I hadn’t been there in quite awhile and I never remembered it being that packed. Anyway, while there, I was chatting up a cute blond Swedish guy…and scored some digits before we left 🙂 Yeah, I guess I can call the evening a success 🙂

Didn’t get to sleep til around 3, yet managed to make it to spin class at 10:15 this morning. After that, my next stop was Sheep’s Meadow in Central Park for a belated baby shower for one of my teammates. Was great to see her and her baby boys, good times. After that, to NJ for a b-day dinner with the family at one of my fave restaurants, Park & Orchard. Yum!!

Man, I *so* do not want to go back to work tomorrow. But MS was asking me the other day if I’m gonna be in the office Monday…so I’m guessing some surprise for me…we shall see 🙂

now playing: “dance hall days”~wang chung


3 thoughts on “Are You A Vanilia?

  1. love the blog!thank you.

  2. wow, all those bars and you still somehow made it to spin. bravo! ps am jealous of sat night barhopping in the beautiful city! my small town has 2 nightclubs. c’est la vie

  3. yeah, was a good girl this weekend…hasn’t always been the case! (there was one time when I had to bail on a 15K race because of being too hungover)I hear ya about small town nightlife-the town I grew up in had NOTHING-needless to say I made the city my escape!Thanks for stopping by!! 🙂

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