Spice Girls

Lunch at Spice Market is always a treat. Today JL took me out for an early b-day lunch, and MC, our new production manager joined us too-nice to have the new and improved Custom crew together. Food was good as usual, service quicker than normal, and enjoyed the mojito I always get there-this time pineapple was the fruit in season. I think the cherry mojito was my favorite though. I just love them drinks that begin with “M.” Mojitos, martinis, margaritas…

Work is getting a little calmer as well, thank god. These last few weeks when we were in between production managers…my god, I thought I was gonna lose it. Not surprising-it was the same thing after a previous production manager left early last year, but I think now with the Kat gone, most of the work fell on our shoulders this time around. Anyway…I was beginning to feel more like a machine than a human being, with feelings, etc…. I know I gotta do what I gotta do to get the job done. But at what cost?

Anyway, tomorrow’s a running day and I get to do 4, and do part rez/part roads…yay. I might try and get over to 5th Ave and watch the professional races of the Fifth Avenue Mile . It’s actually a fun race-I did it last year in 6:33. I paid the price afterwards as I was sore and knew that sprints aren’t my strength!! All of a sudden, 10K’s and half-marathons didn’t seem so bad…

now playing: “who do you think you are”~spice girls
(i thought that one seemed appropriate, given this post title!)

2 thoughts on “Spice Girls

  1. did you get a chance to watch the race?

  2. Nope!! I was quite lazy on Saturday and didn’t even wake up til after noon 🙂 I did watch the coverage of the mens’ professional race on ESPNEWS-wow, that was a KILLER finish. Now I’m kicking myself for not seeing it live 😀

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